St Thomas House of Hospitality

Inspired by the 75 year old Catholic Worker movement, the New Orleans Catholic Worker was established in 2008 with the mission to form a home of hospitality for those in need in New Orleans.  In 2010, we moved into our current home in the Irish Channel called the Saint Thomas House of Hospitality. The community is a mix of volunteers who cooperatively manage the community with residents living transitionally while seeking more permanent housing.

In addition, members of the community also engage in other ministries, which includes:

Community members and friends sharing nightly meals
Serving meals at Hope House on Tuesday evenings, with movie and internet access
Giving educational presentations to school and church groups
Collaborating with local homeless organizations
Supporting local movements
Open to other ministries

The aim of the Catholic Worker is to live in accordance with the justice and charity of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the good news of scripture, we seek God’s Beloved Community. We strive to be an invitation to gospel living, a community which welcomes all. We come together in our brokenness to accept and heal ourselves and one another through the loving example of Christ. We promote gentle personalism, hospitality, and communion with creation. We advocate a “green revolution” toward a truly democratic and decentralized social order. We place an emphasis on the works of mercy, simple living, manual labor, and radical action against the causes of oppression through the practice of nonviolence.